20,000 leagues under the sky, 2004- travel blog

It'll do

waiting for Maglev


Full speed

Next big one going up


Fun toilet

Bottled out on the "front Clensing"


The "Handbag"

I'm starting to get quite familiar with Shanghai airport!

Second trip here within a month and the weather was getting a bit more wintery.

Stan and Clive decided to go up the "Handbag", formerly known to me as "the bottle opener". Not being a great one for heights and having already "done" it I stayed on the ground and wandered around the shopping mall. A sudden call of nature led to the mall toilets but I thought they were the disabled toilets as all of them had attachments to the equipment. On closer inspection I realised that they were high-tech "super-loos", couldn't resist a play with the rear cleansing and soft (oscillating) rear cleansing but couldn't bring myself to have a go with the "Front Cleansing" - I foresaw an embarrassing injury. I mentioned them later and Stan admitted to having given the front option a go.

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