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Map to Fort Benton, MT

Clark Fork River

Through the business loop Downtown Missoula

Beautiful functioning old buildings

I love the decorative tops of these old buildings

University of Missoula

Following the Clark Fork River

Enjoying the views of the river

Desert landscape

Hay for the cattle

Paws Up

Rolling grassy hills

Oh My, he's climbing quite a grade

Mowing the road edges

Blackfoot WPA

Crossing the river over and over

Beautiful marshlands

Logging trucks

The beginnings of a Butte

Rugged rocks, pushed up

What? Solar panels for the cows?

Big Butte in the distance

So much farming out here

More buttes

Looks cool and inviting

Birds following the hay cutting machine

Making the round bales of hay

The finished product in the field

Silly sign with girls legs sticking out of car

TV station satellite dishes in the middle of farmland

They were the Major Network Satellite Dishes

Passing through Great Falls, MT

More desert and buttes to the north

Really long "Grain" trains with a silo in the background

One of many silos in the area

Fort Benton along the Missouri River

The Missouri River carved this valley

The Upper Missouri River

Industry thrives along the river

C.M. Russell painting at Great Falls Elks Lodge

Leaving Missoula for Great Falls and Fort Benton.

We left eastbound through the downtown business loop of Missoula. Past the 1880’s buildings mixed with modern businesses. Past the University of Montana and along the Clark Fork River.

The landscape began to change to more desert plants, then hay fields and cattle. And many crossings and following along the river.

We kept seeing signs for Paws Up, so I finally looked it up on my smart phone and found that it was a resort. You can click this link to read about Paws Up.

We also saw signs saying Blackfoot WPA which got me curious. So I looked it up to find it was

Waterfowl Production Area, restoring wetlands.

We passed a few logging trucks going the opposite directions, and watched several pieces of Farm Equipment that were cutting the hay, then gathering it up into bales, and then giant fork lifts putting them on trucks for transport.

Somewhere along the way we passed the TV station with the large satellite dishes sending out the programming for ABC and FOX and probably more stations.

Through the farming areas there were huge grain silos, and several really long trains pulling grain cars. We passed through Great Falls and continued to Fort Benton 40 miles north.

After setting up in our campground, we went down into Great Falls to the Elks Lodge for refreshments and a lodge pin. They were, of course, very friendly and showed us a (copy of a) painting of Elk by the town’s very famous artist C.M. Russell. There is a museum of his works in town. If you would like to know more about him, check out this link to the C.M. Russell Museum.

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