The South Island of New Zealand -winter 2015/16 travel blog

The beautiful Auckland Domain - a large green belt that is amazing

Getting around by Ferry - it is a great way to travel

So many beautiful flowers - hard to choose one to show

The Domain has great little paths to explore - Close to 80...

We had fabulous weather today in Auckland - close to 80 degrees throughout most of the day - often with no clouds evident. We took the rental car back this morning and I can't say enough about the excellent driving of Terry and Seth over the course of almost six weeks of driving (5 different cars). They mastered double roundabouts, one lane bridges with crazy "Give Way" signs, winding sheer cliff roads and city traffic as well. GREAT JOB GUYS! In the morning we walked to the Auckland Domain - a very large expanse of a greenbelt that serves this very big urban city well. Flowers are still blooming , and the large expanse of greenbelt trees, paths, ponds, and enclosed gardens is really wonderful. After the Domain, we walked back to the CBD ((Central Business District) and found the backpacker lodge that Seth will be staying at starting on the 14th - 20th. It was nice for him (and us) to see where he will go on the next part of his adventure since he will be carrying his big backpack and an extra daypack as well. If you want to see the amazing backpack lodges in New Zealand Google Base X Auckland or Auckland Base X. We got back to the hotel via the Bayswater Ferry that leaves from the quay in the CBD. It costs $4.40 to get across the bay and you get a great little harbor cruise and transportation to the hotel. Tomorrow we will take the ferry over to Devonsport - a cute little town with shops along the harbor and a history as an outlook post for WWII, as well as Maori history as a sea look out many centuries before that. We are enjoying the many opportunities to have very reasonably priced Sushi at almost any corner of the CBD. This very diverse, multicultural city has a strong Asian influence, as many immigrants to NZ have an Asian background, many making their home in Auckland. With one walk left before bedtime, steps today are 22,450. Two full days left and then we fly to Brisbane on the 14th, to Sydney on the 15th, to Honolulu on the 16th. We do January 16th twice as we cross the international dateline and gain a day back.

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