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St. Severin


View fro the top of Notre-Dame


Today we headed over to the Underground mall entrance to the Louvre. Since we had no bags we got to skip security and headed straight for the Mona Lisa. No one else was there when we arrived so we had a good view, well as good as they allow you. It was good that Jackie warned us of the actual size otherwise we would have been surprised at the small size of it. We saw all we wanted and did see the other highlights.. Winged Victory and Venus de Milo. We then head to the Orsay Museum. Here we actually recognized artist names and even could look at a painting and know who the artist was!

Verne wanted mussels. Found a place over near the Notre-Dame area. I had a delicious creme brulee for dessert! After lunch we completed the parts of the Historical walk that we didn't get to the first time around.

Returned to St. Severin church with its beautiful stain glass windows. Surprising were the modern ones.

We then decided to go to climb the bell tower of Notre-Dame, 200 feet in the air. We waited 50 minutes in the cold and then climbed the 400 steps to the top. There were 2 "rest" areas. The first was the ticket buying area and then an outside view point and the entrance To the bell tower. Then the final climb to the top...quite the view. The spiral stairs got narrower and tighter as we went up. Going down was all in one trip and it actually was a bit dizzy!

On the way home it was a stop at the pastry shop with the most delicious chocolate e'claires. The one Verne had on the first day tasted like nothing we'd ever had. Super delicious!

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