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About 10' above normal

River creeping under the railing

A river runs through it


Raging River

This power post is a little over 3' tall



Picnic Table Rescue

The water stopped in the nick of time for this family

The end of the dry road

Somewhere under here is the road out of the campground

Living on the edge

It has been raining steadily for 2 ½ days now, once again delaying my departure from Nova Scotia. Streets, shops and businesses in Truro are flooded and the city is almost completely shut down. There were several accidents close to the nearby toll station on the Trans Canada Highway as people hydroplaned on the roadway or ran off the road due to low visibility (in spite of warnings from the RCMP to stay off the roads).

Throughout the day today I have noticed lots of activity as people scurried around the park and the campsites close to me started filling up. The rain finally stopped this afternoon, but when I went out to make a grocery store run, I discovered that the campground had flooded and we were stranded in the park. The river is raging and spilling its banks all over us. Although I feel badly for the folks who had to make a hasty retreat under dire circumstances, it was a pleasant surprise to find that, for once, I was on the high ground when the flood waters came rushing in! (Some of you may not know that Richard and I lost our home to flooding three times in a five year span during the ‘90s)

Hopefully the rain will hold off, flood waters will recede and I will finally be able to leave for Prince Edward Island tomorrow. Fingers crossed. . . . . . . . . .

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