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Out of the trees, into the meadow

Hippie on a stick

West end of "U"

A break before the scrambly bit

Gnarly old tree


Dale on the way up

Rick pushes his limits

Phil with Spray Lakes in the background

Capturing the moment

Nearly done the hardest part

Looking towards the middle of the "U"

Men in toques

Looking back at our route up the ridge

Radio station makes a good wind block

Looking South

Dale, ready to carry on

Rick skips down this bit

The middle of the "U"

Ant people on the West Ridge

The next uphill section

But first, lunch

Phil captures the view

And it is a nice view

Starting out again

Hearty shrub

Looking back at Tryst Lake

Looking SW

Another hiker

Rick at the second high point

Looking down the W arm of the ridge


Rick, not too close

Climbing Down

Still have the toques on

Looking N along the W ridge

East Ridge, we've done this part already


Carrying on along the ridge

Looking back (S)

Different Lichen

Walking on the spine

Pam with some nice scenery behind

Most of Tent Ridge visible

The last section of the ridge

Snowball fight!


Looking into Banff National Park (NW)

The Tent Ridge "U"

Spray Lakes

Looking back at another group

We're happy!

The final hill

Iridescent Flowers


mmmmmm, wild strawberries

Enough for everyone

It's been a few years since we hiked Tent Ridge so we thought it was time for a return trip. We remember it as being a spectacular hike and our memories were right, it is definitely a "Wow" hike! The ridge is "U" shaped and you climb up one end, walk the undulating ridge with amazing views in all directions and then climb back down the opposite end of the "U". It was a perfect, blue sky day, although the wind was a little cool so toques and gloves came in handy. Phillip and Rick joined us on this jaunt. Can't beat Indian Summer in the Rockies!

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