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The drive to Utah Lake State Park was about 42 miles. We decided on the Provo area because we found out that June 5 was a "free fishing day" in Utah. We could fish without buying a license. We didn't do any fishing at Jordonelle because we noticed no one was catching anything. We didn't want to buy a license for nothing.

June 5 the Park was packed. They had a festival in addition to all the regular locals bringing in their boats. The Park has two jetties for fishing. Luckily there was one small shade tree available when we went out to fish at about 3pm. It was a beautiful day, 83 degrees, but the breeze across the lake kept us cool. We didn't catch anything but still had a great time.

Today, June 6, is the hottest day we've had so far, 92 degrees is the predicted high. We have watched most of the snow melt from the mountain tops around us the last few days.

This afternnon it looks like it's snowing. The cottonwood trees are pollenating/sheading, what ever it is. Little white fuzzy things are flying around everywhere. The grass and ground are being covered.

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