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Ok so we know it's been a few days maybe even a week or two but stuff happens and it's often out of our control. Last I posted we were in Hong Kong and that was interesting, but we've since left and are now in Bangkok since last night. We wanted to upload and share pics from Hong Kong but here's what happened. We were couchsurfing with this very cool guy OLO from Poland and his english roomate Steve. They live on one of the islands and there are NO internet cafes on this island. Not a problem because they BOTH have computers and we can access the internet that way. This is how I posted the about drinking wine on the beach our first night there. The next day we took a ferry to the main island of Hong Kong, saw the sites yada yada yada and came back SUPER TIRED. To make a long story short OLO invited us out for a drink to meet up with Steve and IDA (steves friend from Norway who is also visiting, cool chick). Oh by the way with Ida Car and I that made it 5 people staying in the apt. We had some drinks at this bar and when we got back home something like 3 hours later, it had been broken into =( Olo and Steve's Computers and Cameras were gone along with Ida's backpack. Somehow nothing of ours was taken. We had left our video camera, picture camera, MY WALLET, our passports, tickets for the rest of the journey all just laying there on the floor. Well it was inside the bag but still one look inside and they would have cleaned us out. For some reason we were fortunate but our friends got cleaned out which sucked big time. Olo is an architecht and he can replace the computer but they also took his hard drive and all of his work and this is FU@#ed UP!!!! So yeah, we had no internet connection for most of the remainder of the time there. We'll update the pics from Hong Kong, the Asrham in South India and the new ones from here in Bangkok tomorrow or the day after so stay tuned =)


Hola ya ase un tiempo que no ponemos fotos pero esque aveces pasan cosas fuera de nuestro control. Desde la ultima ves que acavavamos de llegar a Hong Kong que fue muy interesante, ya nos fuimos y ahora estamos en Bangkok desde anoche. Queriamos mostrarles fotos y escribir sobre Hong Kong pero ay les va lo que paso. Estavamos de (Couchsurfing) invitados con un chavo polako llamado OLO y su amigo Ingles Steve. Primero ellos viven en una de las islas y no hay cafes de internet, PERO eso no importaba porque los dos tenian computadora y nos la prestaban. Asi es que les deje saber de cuando estabamos tomando en la playa la primer noche en Hong Kong. Bueno pues el proximo dia tomamos un Barco y fuimos Caro y Yo a la isla de Hong Kong y nos la pasamos todo el dia caminando etc etc. Al regresar al apartamento OLO nos invito una cervesas para encontrarnos con Steve, que porcierto tambien tenia a una amiga IDA de visita. Fuimos al bar estuvimos platicando, esto y el otro y despues de como tres horas regresamos al apartamento. Pues se metieron a robar... Se robaron las computadoras de OLO y STEVE y tambien las camaras de los dos junto con la mochila de IDA. Por suerte me imagino, no se llevaron NADA de Caro o Mio. Habiamos dejado las dos camaras, MI CARTERA, los boletos de avion que nos quedan, los pasaportes, en fin TODO. Me imagino que ni se figaron adentro de nuestras mochilas porque si no, nos dejan sin nada. Y bueno esa es la rason porla que no habiamos puesto fotos o escrito. Manana o pasado a mas tardar ponemos las ultimas fotos del sur de India y las de Hong Kong. Asi que hasta pronto =)

Nando =)

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