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Some of the rooms at the hostel

My dorm

Tucked away

Night life

Me and some of the girls

Day 4: Nananu-i-Ra Island to Nadi

Up just after 8am and decided to go on an introductory scuba dive. So, skipped breakfast, filled out the requisite paperwork and learnt about how to scuba in 10 minutes. About 9:30, we were doing the "backwards fall" off the boat into the water just like commando's!

At first I was apprehensive, to say the least, concerned that the pressure would build up in my ears or that I would have trouble breathing (since my snorkling experience). But once we went down a few feet, I found everything was fine. Breathing was actually easier once the apparatus is submerged and I could equalise the pressure in my ears quite easily.

For thirty or forty minutes, we dove to just over ten metres swimming around mountainous coral formations and through schools of little fish. Such colour was there, it was beautiful to behold.

One thing I never considered in relation to scuba was sound - the sound of bubbles rushing up past your head (it is so loud) and the sounds of the marine life. You can actually hear fish eating! I have decided I am going to get my scuba ticket when I return to Australia and also get the underwater case for my camera. To be able to photograph this world would just be the duck's guts.

It seemed that no sooner had we got there though that we had to leave again with time enough to return to the island, pack and board the ferry for the bus back to Nadi. We had lunch at a town called "Ba" on the way. Oh, and we swam in hot springs and mud pools, but that was almost anti-climatic for me after the scuba.

Back at Nadi and the usual hostel, checked in and went to the pool with some of the others and had a few beers before dinner. Later I joined them at one of the local night clubs, but I tired of that quickly and left for bed.

If I could do anything differently, it would be to allow more than four days. The tour is setup such that you can take up to twelve months to do the four days - you just hop on and off the bus as much as you like (you just have to book ahead to get back on though).

All-in-all, an absolutely awesome "Feejee Experience".


"Some of the rooms at the hostel" - These are some of the rooms at the backpackers on Nananu-i-Ra island. Still dorm-style living, but who cares!

"My dorm" - View of my dorm building - the beach is on the other side. Twelve people bunked in this room.

"Tucked away" - I think the hostel thought we were going to make some noise - the building in the photo is the nearest building to our dorm.

"Night life" - Some of the crew settling in for the night.

"Me and some of the girls" - nuff said. ;-)

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