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The Iconic Smokestack At Sudbury

Canada's Largest 'Nickel'



As we approached Sudbury, we could see the incredibly huge smokestack on the nickel smelter from miles off. It dominates the landscape, but it’s hard to really appreciate its size until you’re near the base. I heard that the top of the stack is broad enough to drive a vehicle around the perimeter. Astounding!

We were pleasantly surprised with how lovely the downtown area of Sudbury is. The city has really made a concerted effort to beautify the core with green spaces and plenty of flowerbeds. There has also been a renewal of the downtown and we saw several funky restaurants and shops reminding us of the Old Strathcona in Edmonton. We stopped in the area and had a great lunch that fueled us for the afternoon push to North Bay.

Somehow, we managed to miss taking a photo by the large model of the Canadian nickel coin. It’s reputed to be over nine meters high, but alas, it’s made of stainless steel. Instead I downloaded one from the internet. Not quite the same but…


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