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Mrs P on the time trial

Mr P - loving the pow at Blue sky basin

Blue sky powder day - life is good

Mr P in the half pipe

Having left the sunshine in LA we arrived late in Denver. Never one to do things the easy way we took the cheap option and caught the Greyhound bus out from Denver to Frisco. This was quite an experience in itself with Mrs. P. making friends with an ex-con pyscho drug addict and Mr. P. sitting next to the biggest man in the world on the smallest seats in the world.

We were both bouyed by the first glimpse of snow and looking forward to settling into our new home for the next 2 weeks. Arriving in Breckenridge there must have been at least 8 inches of fresh snow in the town so we were expecting a good dump (that's of snow of course!) up on the mountain. After spending the entire afternoon sorting out boards, boots and bindings we were ready to ride some fresh powder the next day. And shred we did, for the next 2 weeks with only 1 day off!! Incidentally, the one day off was a result of a very late night in the biggest red neck bar you could possibly imagine. People left by through the windows and the women barked! But we survived the bar - the hangovers nearly finsihed us off though - altitude is a very bad thing when mixed with booze. The boys calculated that with the affects of altitude their 10 pints equatted to aroudn 30 pints in effect - hence the day in bed.

Headed over to Vail a coupleof times and were blessed with the best powder EVER!!!! At one stage Mrs P was up to her chin in pow before being reminded to "keep the front of the board up" to prevent it heading to Oz in the pow. We hit the terrain park in Breckenridge (quite literally) and both enjoyed the jumps but have a mutual loathing for the "fun-box". For those not in the know the 'fun-box' is like a rail grind but wider and far more deadly - the only fun thing about it is watching other people get maimed by it - it is not fun if you are trying to master it yourself. After his second major fall (from height) onto his cocyx Mr P's face turned all different shades of pruple ,white and grey and the soothing words of our instructor saying "suck it up son" strangley didn't help. Leaving the funbox behind we headed over to the time trial area where you can bomb down a slalom course and get yourself timed - much fun was had there.

On the last day in Breckenridge Mrs P performed a spectacular crash which involved a quick trip to the medical center and the swift purchase of a helmet!

So thats about all for Breckenridge - it was absolutley great but doesn't make very good reading. Basically we got up, ate, boarded, ate, boarded, ate, slept, ate, boarded, ate, boarded, ate, slept, ate, boarded,ate, boarded, ate, slept, ate, boarded etc

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