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Dream Catcher Campground in Deming, NM

Dream Catcher Campground in Deming, NM

It got down to 17 degrees at the campground where I was at last night, and was only up to about 32 degrees when I left at 9:30. I guess that's what spring is all about, warm one day and cold the next, especially in desert areas where things change rapidly.

I drove a little over 400 miles today and I'm now set up at the Escapee campground named Dream Catcher in Deming, NM. It seems like quite a nice campground with full 50 amp hookups and large campsites. Much nicer campground than the one I just left, and for an Escapee member, which I am, it only costs $65 per week plus electric. I'll stay at least a week and maybe longer. It's projected to get down to 25 degrees here tonight.

I filled up with diesel at a Flying J near El Paso at $3.639 per gallon with my discounts, $3.699 before the discounts. 55.154 gallons cost me $200.70. I try not to think about this too much because there's nothing that I can do about it, and I'm not going to stop doing what I'm doing. I may rearrange my travel plans with the idea of reducing the mileage, and probably will be more selective about where I go, and then will stay longer at each place. I'm going to continue with the plan with some modifications, even if fuel prices go to $6 per gallon. As an example,I may not go to Gillette, Wyoming for the Escapade in late June as I had planned because it is quite a bit out of the way from where I'll be and where I'll be heading later in the year. I may reconsider whether I return to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas next winter as that is a really long haul. I might instead take another look at southern Arizona which would be a lot closer to Denver where Jeff, Linda and my new grand daughter live. No decisions on any of these yet, but these are the kind of modifications that I might consider down the road if the prices of fuel continue to escalate. I'm also starting to think more seriously about workamping part of the year.

Boondocking may become a larger part of my plan also. I like the idea anyway, but if I move too much in that direction I would need to consider adding solar to my rig in a big way. That's quite expensive, but is very appealing to me in lots of ways. The idea of generating almost all of the power that I'll need to live free, with no noise or pollution really resonates with me. Once the system is paid for it requires very little maintenance and will last longer than I'll be doing this for sure, but the upfront investment is pretty large. Probably between $4.000 and $5,000 if I do it right. That decision, however, is down the road somewhere.

The 400 mile drive in the Dutch Star really wasn't that tiring. I put it in cruise control at about 62 mph, turn on the XM radio and let her rip. I try to stop every 100 miles or so, and more if I get sleepy, which doesn't happen that much. I'm very comfortable driving it now.

Tomorrow I get to check out Deming as see what it's all about.

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