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New Library in Alexandria

The Corniche looking back towards the Yacht Club

Colourful fishing boats

Yacht Club and crew!

Corn seller

Creative Cafe!

Yacht Club from the jetty

Buying a kaftan! Very friendly family.

In front of the Virgin Store

We came into the Eastern Harbour at Alexandria in a 25 knot westerly. A guy from the yacht club came out to meet us and said did we want to dock. Of course Lars said yes. He then proceeded to guide us through a swarm of little boats to a dock that in the wind did not work at all. After much effort Lars then manouvered Jennifer back out and dropped the anchor. The yacht club is in an interesting location next to a gun club so every night they were shooting clay pigeons with smal bits of shot landing on the boat. Very relaxing.

Nevertheless, Alexandria has been interesting. The people are very friendly. SEE THE PHOTOS.....

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