Claire & Keef Under A Mango Leaf 06/07 travel blog

Steepest Street In The World

Steepest Street In The World#2

Steepest Street In The World#3

Fossilised Dinosaur Egg Hatches

Spider Monkey Flies Again!

Check Out Them Boulders....

Egg Surfing Mannn

Top Bombin'

Frisbee-Head On Tour

Animal Rudies#? The Calf Wasn't Impressed.

One For You Gerald x

For The Brother-In-Law

Christchurch Car Market - Chocky Forever!

One For You Moley

Bailey & Mike The New Owners - Sad Moment Of Farewell...

Christchurch Tram

God Help Us!!!

Would You Find This Outside TVP?!?

Christchurch Church

Claire In Christchurch Square

Antarctic Centre

Brownie On A Snowmobile Having A Storm.

Keith On A Snowmobile

Christchurch is a weird city. The shopping was good. But it's well touristy as this is the main place where people leave NZ including expeditions to Antarctica. Popped to the antarctic centre and went on a really fun ride on a hardcore ex-military snow plough type thing. Also got caught in a snow storm! So all in all the city is ok, but we think we had too long here. Had to get there with enough time to sell 'Bon'. Would you believe we sold him within 1.5 days for $100 less than we bought him for! Result! It was sad to see him go as we got a bit attached to him. He was the best..... He's gone to a good home though. A couple from Aspen in Colorado bought him... hoping to keep in touch as they own 2 chalets in the mountains he he.

The upside to trying to sell the van in the most depressing of car markets was meeting so many nice people. Think we were lucky to sell the van so quickly as some of the people there were verging on suicidal..... speaking of which, that's how we met Joe and Nina...

The weirdest thing was walking through Christchurch square and not getting more than 10 feet without bumping into people we knew! Aren't we the popular ones he he...

We bumped into Rich and Emma and orgainsed to meet up in OZ somewhere too.

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