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11th March - Seeing as I hadn't been working since Thursday, I figured I needed to get out of the hostel and see what was left around Brisbane that I hadn't already seen. After talking to some people I decided to visit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, so I caught the bus from town and looked forward to what will probably be the last encounter I have with the native animals of Australia. The best thing about the sanctuary is the possibility to cuddle a koala! Which I did, the one I held was called Serenity (I think, although it may have been Serendipity). Anyway, she was very cute and cuddly and I bought the photo as a souvenir. She was a bit annoying because she wouldn't look at the camera, so I had to keep turning to a different side to try and get it so that she was looking at the camera, but she kept turning her head! Eventually we managed to get her looking at the camera though which was good. I then walked around the rest of the sanctuary, they have over 100 koalas there, of all ages and they also take in injured animals and rehabilitate them. Sadly there were some native birds, like the Tawny Frogmouth that are unable to be released back into the wild as they have been blinded in one of their eyes so cannot hunt for prey anymore (they are a type of owl). It was a good day and I enjoyed having a last opportunity to see all the animals.

13th March - Krystal (a girl I met at work who quit on the same day as me!) called me in the morning to ask if I wanted to go shopping with her, so of course I said yes! So we walked around Fortitude Valley and Chinatown to try and find her a business jacket for her interview the next day, we weren't very lucky, but it was fun to actually see what the shops are like around there as I hadn't been into any of them. Some reminded me a bit of Camden...Anyway Krystal had been invited to her friend's 21st birthday party and asked if I wanted to come along in the evening, so I figured why not! Parties are always fun. So she picked me back up at about 8pm and we drove to the Gold Coast, about an hour away to her friend's. It was good, but not really a party, more like a group of friend's hanging out and drinking and having a chat. We didn't stay very long and I was back at the hostel by half 11.

14th March - Having consulted my Rough Guide and also the people in the Visitor Information centre I had booked a trip to Springbrook National Park (aka one of the Southeastern rainforests). I was picked up at 7.45am, and met the rest of the group. There were only 7 tourists, our guide(Justin) and another lady in training to be a guide(Kathleen).

After a long drive (nearly 2 hours!) we stopped at Purlingbrook Falls Lookout to see Purlingbrook Falls (surprisingly!). Next we were going jungle trekking for 2 and a half hours through the rainforest around Twin Falls Walk. We saw brush turkey nests, a land mullet (a type of lizard), water monitors, funnel web spider webs (but thankfully not the actual spider, as they are one of the deadliest) and some butterflies. The walk included 3 waterfalls, Twin falls, where you could swim in the plunge pool if you were brave enough! Seeing as it wasn't very hot I declined, especially after the people who went in were saying how cold it was! The other waterfalls were Blackfellow falls, we got to walk behind both Twin and Blackfellow falls, which was exciting (and also included getting a bit wet). It was nice that the sun wasn't as hot as it had been the previous few days as the walk could be a bit steep and I wasn't used to doing jungle trekking anymore!

We had a picnic lunch, which was really nice and then we headed on to the Grotto, or the Glow worm caves where we watched a DVD about the research done and about the life of a glowworm, which isn't really very interesting as life cycles go! We then entered the darkness of the caves, the only light coming from the glowworms, but the amount of light they generated was pretty amazing for something so small. They looked like the stars in the night sky all dotted about in the darkness. Outside the caves you can feed the rosella birds (a type of parrot), you hold seeds in your hand or put the seeds on a platform and they eat out of your hands! (or off the platform!) One actually decided it would try to eat my finger though! But it was pretty amazing.

Our last stop was at Natural Arch, which is a hole made in a rock by a waterfall which has formed a archway. Underneath the arch is a cave with bats and glowworms.

So it was an excellent day out, and I met some really nice people, Kathleen used to live in New Zealand so was telling me lots of places to visit when I'm there, although I don't think I'll have time for everything!

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