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We had a great time at Niagara Falls and it's now good to be back with the MacGuire's. It's been great visiting with them and catching up on the last 8 years. Rod and Vinnie have killed quite a number of beers as they talked about where the last 8 years have taken them. We've enjoyed getting to know the kids, Shawn, Chris and Megan. The boys were just toddlers the last time we saw them back in San Diego. Charlene and Megan have had a lot of fun playing together and plan to stay in touch. I introduced a new video game to the boys (Cabela's Deer Hunt). Yep....they're hooked! Rod enjoyed giving Chris a hardtime for being a Raiders fan. Our dogs had mixed feeling while sharing the back patio with their Beagle puppy "Brandy".

It rained alot but we managed to break away and tour some wineries. The atmosphere is a little different than Napa, CA. It's less conservative and the wines I tasted were different too. The Chardonnay's were either alot dryer or alot sweeter than what I'm used too. Most of the wines were on the sweeter side. I really liked the wines at Lucas Vineyards especially the Semi-Dry Reisling. We also visited the Hazlitt Vineyard and enjoyed the casual atmosphere. It's one of the most popular, serving up their famous Red Cat which features it's own drinking chant that I cannot repeat in front of the children. We finished up the day with a stop at Taughannock Falls. A sunny day would have lured us to the base of the falls or anywhere on any of the lakes. There is so much to see and do and we plan to get back there next July in time for Vinnie's big "5-0"!

We could purchase a nice house and several acres for a fraction of what it cost in San Diego and boy has it been very tempting; However, it's too far from family for me and too much Winter for Rod!

This area of New York get's Rods vote for the being the best State. I'm still a little more partial to Oregon because I really like the Coastline too!

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