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We are at our final port of call before reaching England again! We're both very excited to be coming home. Just 11 (ish) hours now and we'll be touching down in Gatwick.

We'd like to thank everyone who posted us messages annd read our journal. It kept us both amused and happy thinking of home on our travels, so thanks for giving us something to look forward to whenever we had an internet opportunity!

We have a lot of time to kill in Newark airport and we've already wasted 2 or so hours wandering the shops. However, there aren't many shops left to wander now, and neither of us are hungry yet, so we're in for a boring couple of hours methinks!

We're both a bit sunburnt from our hour on the beach in Hawaii, but it was well worth it. The water was lovely and warm and refreshing. We got a highly Hawaii photo of us in flowery garland necklaces on the beach, just so we can say we've 'done' Hawaii. Weate great big greasy burgers for lunch too with american lemonade - yum. Well Ash insists that his was a sandwich but I'm not so sure. Burgers and swimming in Waikiki was a good way to spend the day. If we had been stuck in the airport it would have been torture.

And that is the story of our return journey. Fiona's been sensible with sleep and got about 4 hours on the last one. Ash is sleeping for half an hour at a time every now and then, so he is feeling considerably more tired (Although secretly it will work out quite well because I'll be absolutely knackered for the flight to England and will sleep on the flight, co-inciding nicely with the morning arrival!)

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