Lady Di...on her state visit... travel blog

Our party group!

Mr 'I love myself' X4!

The worm...he was pretty good at it actually, oh it was so...

We liked him the best!

Vicki and I

Lost my ruddy necklace later that night (and lipgloss!), dammit, a girl...

Emma & Vicki, both great girls!

Remembering Steve Irwin at the famous Australia zoo!

The crocoseum!

I shall not bore you with the gazillion pics I took of...

Matt and his 'roo

I'm so good at this picture taking lark (!)

They would run around your feet and fight with each other!

Emma, Me and Matt chilling out on night 2 with 4 litres...

Day 3, spent half the day at the beach before getting the...

Arrived here yesterday, and strangely bump into Matt - the Canadian from 1770, which was cool so hung out with his new mates from Fraser, who were so much cooler than mine, and then we all (minus Matt as he was shattered) partied away in well, to start with some meat market of a place (Koala's) and then on to Rolling Rock, where they had bikini competitions and half naked men, so all good fun. Met a great girl called Vicky, who sounds scarily like Laura Towers - same voice, same way of speaking - bit weird actually, but another great girl who i have every intention of keeping in touch with.

Got back at 4am, slept for 3 hours and then got up early to go to the zoo with Matt, which turned out to be a mission...Matt had himself booked on the free bus and I didn't so after the bus driver saying that we couldn't go together as the seats were full, i started my epic journey of what was supposed to take an hour, but ended up taking 3 hours and finally met up with Matt. I was ready to hit something, until I saw the koala's and then i turned into a big kid! Great day out.

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