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Tam Coc River Cave

Exiting a cave in Tam Coc

Boat trip in Tam Coc

Tam Coc

Michelle and our boat drivers in Tam Coc

Extreme close-up with some rice fields near Tam Coc

Halong Bay 1

Our Halong Bay house boat

Halong Bay 3

Halong Bay 4

Halong Bay 5

Halong Bay 6

Halong Bay 8

Halong Bay 9

Fishing boat in Halong Bay

Floating houses in Halong Bay

Baby Jaida from Vancouver on our boat in Halong Bay

Taxi's in Hanoi

Okay.. so after the clothes place we spent one night in Hue. By this time we don't really want to see any more ruins from a long time ago so we moved onto Hanoi. As we were leaving Hue though, I kind of felt bad for not giving it a chance...I guess we'll never know what we missed!

Hanoi is the big city in Northern Vietnam, really pretty much the same as Saigon give or take. I'm sure others will disagree with me and favor probably the South as the South Vietnamese are said to be waaaay more friendly and all around just happier people. We spent a few broken days in the city as we did a trip to Tam Coc (a boat trip down a river through rice fields and Limestone Mountains) and an overnight trip to Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island out of Hanoi. Halong Bay was spectacular and breathtaking and the stuff vacations are made of. We spent 2 days and 1 night on the water. Our own little cabin in the corner of the boat with big open windows to take in the Air, Water, Stars and Scenery. I didn't even get sick once! Made a couple stops during the boat trip, one to check out a huge cave and another to do a bit of Kayaking. Pictures posted of course - it's easier then trying to explain the view and the boat.

It just happened to be a national holiday when we dicided to take our trip to Halong bay (visa's gave us no other option...we had to be gone by end of day May 3rd and our flight was booked for 11:30 pm...cutting it close) and it was busy. We got bumped from a boat of annoying tourists to a boat full a vacationing Vietnamese, Chinese and Korean families!!!! We didn't know which was worse but it ended up being allright because one of the families was from Vancouver and were super nice to spend the weekend with! Besides the lack of customer service and hurried pace of the holiday weekend, Halong Bay was probably the highlight of Vietnam!

Good night Vietnam!

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