The Khoreys go to Europe 2005 travel blog

I have over 300 photos but it takes so much time to upload them. perhaps later today if alex takes a nap. We are back from Paris, so wonderful there. Disney had long long lines, not sure it made much of an impression on the kids at all to be honest.!!! Loved the Eurostar train, that was a wonderful way to travel.

So today we are celebrating ninas bday all day long. So far we had a trip to the dollar store (called POUND WISE, how funny) and blew 37 lbs on junk, bought a bigger suitcase so we can lug all this ashia back home, and ate breakfast at our favorite american diner. we are next off to pick up our lion king tickets and return to the laundramat. quite a leap from having lunch on the champs de elleyses (sp) as we did yesterday....!!!

hope all is well in the states, we are getting a little weary, but not too ,much. i miss my hair iron, noah misses conner, other than that, we are all very very very happy.


ps: british airways is on strike so dont think my mum will be leaving tomorrow after all!!!

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