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Stone Island Beach. We can drive for miles down this beach and...

This beats the produce counter at Vons!

You can't see it, but Marc has his spear gun and he...

Left over props from a Chuck Norris movie, in the swamp near...

Lisy takes flight!

Off he goes!

Maybe swimming wasn't such a good idea. This is the biggest of...

Sunset with Punta Santa Cruz in the background.

Beauttiful sunset over Stone Island, Mazatalan area.

Longboard peeler for Marc, north of Puerto Vallarta.

Lisy enjoying her open air living room at Sayulita.


Now we are getting somewhere. We are on the mainland, heading south and we have crossed into the tropics! No more cold or rain for us, for a long time! We have been dreaming of coming to this region for so long, but we really don't know what to expect. The scenery is getting more tropical and the weather hotter every day. So far we are loving it, and we can't wait to go further.

We have gotten to experience many new things, like a jungle adventure near San Blas where we saw countless crocs, iguanas, turtles and tropical birds. Things are starting to get very interesting.

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