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Ferry crossing in a.m.....we were on top deck

Pottery at Ceibo Museo

Animal pottery....children's toy

Load of plantains on their way to market

Blue Morphe butterfly

Orange butterflies

El Ojo de Agua originates from Volcan Concepcion

Smoother sailing

Today we were up early and on the road by 6.30a to travel to San Jorje. Here we caught the ferry to Moyogalpa on Ometepe Island. The crossing was rough due to wind. Several ferries were cancelled.

Jose Dimas and Muriel were there to meet us and show us around their corner of paradise. We were whisked off to the Ceibo (Saybo) Museum at Comarca Esquipulas.

This museum, named after the Ceibo tree....a tall big trunked tree over 200 years a private collection of ancient pottery from 5000 BC to 1500 A.D. There are many unique pieces from different eras and peoples. Many were found on this farm. All come from the island. Here there is also a collection of the numerous different monies of Nicaragua from the cocoa and cacao beans through to the bills and present day coins. All was very interesting. Strange as it seems to us, the government can step in at any time and take over the museum.

Next we went too Charco Verde Natural Reserve. Here there is a small netted area filled with tropical flowers and lots of flitting butterflies. Of note was the large blue Morphe butterfly that lives a week and dies after mating. Zebra butterflies, orange and ared and black butterfly also flitted about the flowers.

Here also is the green puddle lagoon. We walked 1/2 way around spotting howler monkeys sound asleep. The lagoon is well-named as the water in calm areas is green. We saw both a Panama tree a soft wood and a another hard wood tree that furniture is made from. It has 'thorns' to prevent monkeys from climbing it.

Lunch we had at Playa Domingo at a hotel (Vista Oasis, I think.) Here we saw a Capucino monkey sitting on a tree branch. Someone was feeding him pop from a baby bottle. He was cute with a milk coffee colored face and chest.

Next we were off to the El Ojo de Agua....a natural cool mineral spring. Here there is 3 fair sized pools. When we found ourselves sharing the one quiet pool with 2 3 foot black...harmless...snakes, we had a quick dip in the middle pool and left. Here the water is also green and clear. The pools are surrounded by forest. There is some commercialization with an entry fee, change rooms and a snack bar. Benches are alongside the pools. All in all we spent maybe 10 mins. here.

Ometepe is essentially 2 volcanic islands that are joined. Volcan Conception is active having erupted since 2000 while the smaller Volvan Maderas is extinct with a lake in its crater and many waterfalls on its sides. The former still smokes. The island is both quiet and scenic however both volcanoes remained wreathed in clouds today.

It was just 3p when we caught the ferry from San Juan Del Sur to San Jorje. The crossing was not quite as rough. Here Senor Winston Castillo waited for us to drive us back along the Pan American highway to Granada.

We went for dinner at El Capitale. Gord talked at length to 2 had been born in British Guiana. They are spending the winter here.

Tomorrow Senor Castillo will drive us to Leon.

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