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Looking back towards our ship in Olden



Tulips in Bergen

Ron enjoying a wine flight on board

First of all, apologies about the multiple messages advising of an update, the internet is a bit flaky in some places which causes some drop outs. Anyway, on to our adventures.

Thursday 17 May, Britannia Cruise Day 5

We arrived in Olden to celebrate Norway’s National Day, Constitution Day. True to all the tour information there is nothing to see in Bergen but then that’s not why our ship carried us there. Olden is at the very end of the Nordfjord a fjord a bit over 60 kilometres long. We didn’t get to see the scenery during our sail in as it was early morning but we did get to enjoy it during our sail back out to the Norwegian Sea in the afternoon. It took around four hours to sail out from Olden along the fjords to the sea, but then the sun doesn’t set until well after 10.30 pm so we got to see everything. On top of the views sailing out, we took a bus tour around much of the Fjord while the ship was docked enabling us to soak up the stunning views of snow covered mountains and icy fjords from the land.

Friday 18 May, Britannia Cruise Day 6

Again an early morning sail in, this time to Bergen. Bergen is one of the larger towns on the fjords with a population of around the 300,000 mark with a large town centre and ancient fishing harbour and fish markets. After spending a few hours wandering Bergen and it’s stunning gardens (tulips and daffodils in full bloom) we had to return to our ship for departure at 2.30. With the weather being warmer we spent a few hours on our balcony enjoying the scenery as we sailed the fjord back out to sea.

Saturday 19 May, Britannia Cruise Day 7

A day at sea, and a day full of excitement and anticipation awaited all the brits on board with the arrival of the Royal Wedding Day! Yep, British flags, bunting and coloured balloons greeted us throughout the ship and all the theatres and other main entertainment venues were primed for the various broadcasts. The pre wedding broadcast began at 10 am ship time (9 am Windsor time) followed by the wedding proper at 1 pm ship time. After that the ship had its own “street party” which went on until we were all provided with a glass of bubbles to join in and raise a glass with the Captain’s formal toast to the newly-weds at 7.45 pm. Then of course on top of the wedding there were a couple of soccer finals on and also a rugby game.

We were simply exhausted by the end of the day with all the excitement and emotion of it all. Or could it have simply been one too many gin and tonics?

Sunday 20 May, Britannia Cruise Day 8

Well not really a Cruise day, but the first day of the next part of our adventures. Our driver picked us up around 7.45 am from our dock at Southampton for the drive back to Heathrow.We arrived at Heathrow around 9 am and we’re now comfortably settled in to the BA lounge awaiting our flight to Aberdeen where we collect our car and drive onwards to Forres.

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