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I'm a bit poorly!! The head cold I had last week turned into a lower respiratory tract infection and I was coughing and wheezing so badly that I couldn't breathe very well, and finally at 5am on Saturday Tony had heard enough rattling and we went off to the local hospital by taxi. They are a small hospital and could only assess me and had to forward me on to a bigger hospital for treatment as they decided I needed a chest xray and my oxygen levels were low, and blood presure raised. So off we go to Kings Mead Hospital in Mansfield, 20 miles away, by ambulance, and because they are very aware of sepsis here, the doctor was worried I had possible chest sepsis and the ambulance driver was told to hurry!! Hence the lights and sirens. However we waited until 6.30pm before being seen by a consultant doctor at the big hospital, being looked after by the wonderful nursing staff - I'm sure the whole hospital knows the story of the Australians and their living on a boat etc.

Anyway, the Dr. decided that I needed a chest x ray and then came up with the idea I may have a blood clot on the lungs after flying from Australia. So he ordered a CT Scan for the next day. I wasn't leaving there in a hurry!! Up to a ward I went while Tony went to the nearby Travelodge hotel for the night. We obviously hadn't taken any clothing etc, but they found me a visitor pack of essentials and looked after me very well. I have nothing but praise for the nurses, one in particular took us under her wing and kept on eye on Tony making sure they fed and coffeed him, and even offered to get out a camp bed for last night if he couldn't get back to the boat, to save hotel cost.

Tony had a very adventurous day yesterday trying to get a hire car - he left the hospital before 11am to walk 4 miles to the local Europcar depot. It's Sunday and they close early, he arrived on the doorstep at 12.10 and they were closed!! So after ringing Europcar was told the only place he would be able to pick up a car would be at the East Midlands Airport. A couple of bus rides later and a bit of other stuff in between he managed to reach the airport - other stuff happened there too, but he finally managed to get a car. He got back to the hospital at 5pm, worn out and not having had lunch etc. So our lovely nurse organised for him to have dinner (he got back just as it was being served). He also didn't have a map or GPS with him and his phone had run out of battery!! so it was get back by de ja vu. Then he had to make his way back to Newark and the Marina relying on the road signs to get there.

So, the result is NO blood clot, just a lower respiratory tract infection , antibiotics for 2 weeks and lots of rest etc.

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