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Check out sign - Exclusive Asian Size?????

Travel day today as we head from Auckland to Queenstown. 3 days was definitely the right amount of time in Auckland although I could have used one more day to make a road trip to Rotorua for some Zorbing and to check out Waitamo Caves. With that being said, I am becoming more and more convinced that I have no business driving on the left side of the road. In fact I still can't figure out which way to look for traffic and continue to get in the driver's side of each taxi.

Flew a budget version of Qantas today into Queenstown called JetStar. Not a bad experience but they measure everything including the weight of your carry on. 7kg (15lbs) or less or you have to check it for $70. Needless to say, lots of overhead space. Flying in was pretty cool - definitely felt like coming into Colorado (Vail, Crested Butte, etc) and airport itself was no different. By the way, had no idea there were things that were "exclusive Asian size" - see pic.

Hotel at the Rees is pretty cool albeit very different from the Sofitel - still nice but a bit less modern. Located right on Lake Wakatipu, the views are pretty spectacular and the vibe is that of a mountain town. We have a two bedroom apt - best feature so far is a washer dryer to do some much needed laundry. Couple things I might change if I had to do it over again - would prefer to stay in the city and the gym is not that great. This last point is interesting as the kids really have been into working out which has been fun for me.

For the most part everyone is still going to sleep early and waking up around 6am.

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