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Day 5 - 19 Sep

Just a quick note to update the maps, really. We had a quiet morning with Rosemary, chatting about old times and future plans, the it was time to head off to see Mum.

Today, the British train system redeemed itself in glorious fashion. The trains to London, then on to Peterborough, were fast, clean and - shock, horror!! - on time! For someone brought up on British Rail and currently enjoying the inter-city 'express' services of Sydney, it was a novel experience - expensive, though. What makes it worthwhile is the railcard that we bought, which allows us cheap(ish) off peak trave. A good investment, we thought.

Anyway, after arriving, it was down to the serious business of repacking our essential requirements for two weeks in Switzerland into a backpack. This cunning plan was designed to take advantage of the cheap 'no baggage' fares available from the various low cost carriers that fly all over Europe. It was quite a feat to pack enough to cater for everything from the mild conditions of Lucerne to the likely freezing days in Zermatt and higher, and contain it all in a backpack weighing under 10kg, but we managed. We even included a couple of kilos of our own proprietary muesli - which is a bit like carrying coals to Newcastle!

Other than that, we enjoyed a traditional Irish meal of bacon and cabbage and a pleasant evening with Angela's Mum. Off bright and early in the morning!


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