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The views leaving Sedona

Visiting the historic mining town of Jerome

Scenic stop atop a mountain on the way to Flagstaff

We had a pleasant stay in Sedona. It’s a very nice location – pretty much set up only for Tourists. But, the surrounding landscapes were spectacular.

In a previous tiny hicksville town, the ladies at the visitor’s centre told us about a historic town built up into a mountainside which we could get to from Sedona. We headed there today – Jerome.

It was an old mining town. Today it is a tourist town.

We then continued our drive to Flagstaff, our base for the next two nights.

We didn’t actually see anything of Flagstaff, just the motel and the Walmart nearby where we could buy our TV dinners and breakfast for the next day.

My reference to ‘hicksville’ in one of the previous paragraphs relates to a diner we went into for lunch. I think the town was called Camp Verde. It’s the type of place full of pick-up trucks, and big old men who walk like they have a deer antler stuck up their behind. Anyway, one such man came in bragging to the waitress (or should I say ‘hostess’), that he got a great t-shirt saying “Hilary for Prison”. She (the waitress) was most impressed. Gave him a big hug and a kiss as a reward for getting such an awesome t-shirt.

We are in Trump-supporter country. I have nothing more to say. Well, I do, but I won’t go on my rant.

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