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Loosey Brucie

2016-09-04. Woman-less Beauty Pageant

To the strains of Aretha Franklin’s “you make me feel like a natural woman”, the annual Thousand Trails Woman Less “Beauty” Pageant was held today. I would have included a photo but, believe me, photos could not do this justice. Imagine if you will, large, hairy men dressed strutting their stuff in what one could only hope was NOT their wife’s dress or bathing suit. These guys were obviously in touch with their inner woman and the former Miss Virginia from 1989 was hysterical as she narrated the pageant. With names like "Loosey Brucie" and "Cinna-man", these guys were awesome. I took video with my phone but its format wasn't compatible with this site's requirements for videos. Any ideas from my techie friends?

As for camping here over a holiday weekend, we will probably not willingly do that again. Seriously, I have never seen so many golf carts in all my life in one place, all going to and fro all day long. It was worth our lives to try to take Roadie for a walk between the kids squealing to pet him, and trying to dodge cars and carts. At night, there was a band one night from 7:30-10:45! And the variety of flashing lights at campsites, even on the tent sites, was amazing. Don’t get me wrong, the people are very nice and friendly; but we are clearly out of our “northern” element and there is an abundance of T-shirts proclaiming that Donald Trump is their guy because he doesn’t care about offending folks because being offensive to others is just being honest. Sad and troubling...

Addendum: I uploaded the video to YouTube and you can find it at : https://youtu.be/yECOSmblG68

Thanks to Carlie Adams for the instructions

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