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Dear Parents,

In the words of the children, today was awesome, fantastic, educational and exciting!

The day started with swimming and playing in the sand. At 11.00am the boat arrived to take us to MERC. Once there we went straight to the auditorium to watch a film about all the work MERC are doing to help conserve the giant clams and coral reefs. Afterwards the children were taken to the aquarium and then the touch pool. At the touch pool the children got to plant coral which in a couple of weeks will be taken out to the nursery at the centre and then eventually out into the ocean.

Eventually it was lunchtime and we had a delicious spread of spring rolls, noodles, pasta or burgers, followed by a fruit platter. Then we got the boat back to Padang Point.

Back at camp we had a competition to see who could make the tallest sand tower. Adele, Morgan and Joyce were the winners. After a swim we got ready for dinner. The children are currently finishing their dinner and are looking forward to another campfire later.

Another lovely day spent with wonderful, polite and well behaved children.


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