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Drew, Susie, Roberta & Burton




me & my child

us w/ cousin Brandt

us w/ Kellie

Me & Ariene

Drew Packing

Drew & Mom

Family Pic before heading out

Drew's new look

me and my one bag

Goodbye to New York...

New York is always such a fun time. Just like Chicago it was a blur trying to see everyone but we managed to do it. It was great seeing friends and family before taking off.

Tyler and Susie bonded very well, I'm not sure if he's going to want to come back with us at the end of the trip. He was having a blast running around the huge yard. He quickly gave up his "city" dog personality.

Susie is so glad to have her dining room and house back. We took over the house in every way possible. Our things were in piles everywhere. It took 2 days to pack and in the meantime you had to push back our things on the table if you wanted to sit down and eat. Thanks Susie for putting up with us...

Just so everyone is clear, yes that is on ONE bag that I packed for the trip. Who would have ever thought me of all people could manage to do it? I am quite proud of myself...off to Dublin.


j & d

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