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Nice little bit of Tropical Rain for you all:)

Tbag the Tourist

Proof that I let Paul have a Nando's - no more nagging:)

Templer Park - Rainforest

Our Waterfall

Tbag in the Waterfall take 1

Take 2 - showing off:)

The coolest part of KL

Ahhhhhhhhh Bless Take 2

Monkey Take 1

KL Twin Towers

Us in the rain:)

KL Tower @ night (4th largest in world)

View from Tower Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

Lou @ Royal Selangor

Entrance to Batu Caves

Its all a bit of a Blur inside

Monkeys take 2

Finally a nice pic of Lou:)

Us @ L'Opera - Ahhhh Bless take 3!!!!!!!!!!

Its all about the cheese:)

Genting Highlands Cable Ride

Lou on the best ride there!!!

Paul on the best ride there:)

The biggest coke can in the world ever!!!!! hmmmm

Lou on the 2nd best ride there!!! (in the rain)

Don't look down!!!!

The tackiest hotel in the world ever!!!

The journey to KL took 24 hours and was full of nasty suprises!!! Our Thai ticket chap failed to tell us that we would get dropped off and left in the dodgeyest part of Thailand 'Hat Yai' - renowned for its sex, smuggling and Muslim extremeists @ 3.30 in the morning and left there for 7 hours to wait for your next bus!!!! After realisisng we were in potentailly grave danger I decided to go to sleep and poor Paul had to stay awake all night to ensure that we weren't robbed or attacked:) I might add here so that he doesn't get too much sympathy that he had slept on me for the previous 7 hours from Phuket!!! We managed to survive anyhow and after scamming a tuk tuk driver out of his fare we proceeded onto the border, when they say you will be executed in Malaysia for a whole list of offences walking over the border is needless to say a fairly stressful encounter innocent or not!! Luckily for me the coach driver was a smoker so on the hour every hour we had a loo stop and lets just say they rapidly declined in cleanliness with each fag!!

Must just write here that the coaches in Malaysia are quite simply amazing, with enough room for all to sleep - they seemed to like putting us @ the back and as we were the only westerners on there we didn't mind having the best seats:)

The 4 days we spent in KL involved a fair few excursions, our favourite being to Templer park, a tropical rainforest for beginners with a fab guide called Richard who took us to the highest waterfall and left us to swim there. As it had peeded it down the day before the water was quite powerful and as the pictures reveal paul was much more daring than me!!!! We went to the Batu Caves which involved walking up 290 steps, lets just say i'm not as fit as i thought i was!!! While they are spectacular and inhabited with wild monkeys the lack of care taken by visitors mean they are also fairly littered, our advice if we had the time would be to forget about KL and go find some proper caves in the Cameron Highlands!!

The KL tower though should not be missed, the tour guide head set is entertaining and 100% cheese but you can see the whole of the city. It is now the 4th highest in the world. KL is highly developed and commercialised, Mark you would have had a field day wth the outstanding architecture of the Twin Towers and surrounding buildings. We roughed it in the hostle for the 1st 2 nights and then upgraded for $2 a night to a lovely comfort inn - note to self in SE Asia the hotels are just as cheap as the hostle so really worth splashing out in future hehehe!!

Our favourite drinking hole was called The Uptown place and owned by a lovely guy from Croatia, who was drunk every night, DJ'd appaulingly mixing all sorts of cheese badly (including a few good Daddy classics like Whitney and DireStraits) and kept on saying we were from Manchester - which ofcourse we just loved:) That aside it was a lot of fun and we spent the 1st night there dancing and drinking with our new found mental friends from Melbourne who we are sure to visit when we get there!!

As a special treat for me we went to a place called L'Opera and had a fabulous Italian meal, (there is only so much sticky rice one person can handle) it was expensive for Malaysia but cheap considering the quality!!! We have not managed to totally budget the last month but it has all been worth it.

On the Friday we went to The Genting Highlands and our only advice here would be not to bother!!! Dont get us wrong the longest cable car ride in Asia is worth a trip and V.scary as it doesn't seem to have been very well maintained, this unfortunately was the best ride and as it rained the hole time we were there we spent most of the day waiting for it to stop. It made Chessington look like Disney World (which we all know is just not possible!!! We further made the mistake of eating a Mcdonalds which was awful - they really should just stick to what they know Satay!!! Must add here that they do have the biggest coke can in the world so it wasn't totally a wasted day hehehe!!!

We had a great time but were ready to leave when Saturday came. We moved onto Malacca, the 1st town of Malaysia for the Sea, Sun and aledgedly greatest China Town in the World!!!

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