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September 5,

Today September 5, 2015

We had a quiet night with a scorpion in the room (my first experience in real time) and I had to kill the poor animal, if not, I was guaranteed to have a poor night, with a lot of discussion. Since I'm higher in the food chain than a scorpion and my night rest is vital, I considered, an eternal rest for the animal is the only alternative. I felt a kind of solidarity, I would say.

As I was reminded about my thoughts yesterday, I did got something yesterday, I didn't deserve. Today, the weather is lousy, with rain, thunderstorms last night and a cool 21°C.

Feeling alright now, everything back in shape.

So we went to Cannobio, a small picturesque town a few miles back on the road, where we killed the time with sightseeing and window shopping.

At exactly 17:30, as we speak, back in Villa Angelina, the sun is hiding behind the mountain, maybe tomorrow we'll have more luck with the weather, we plan to go to the Borromean Islands. We will see.

September 6,

Sunny and warm!!! At least not too warm, just about 24°C. We visited the Borromean Islands from the city of Stresa. A small boat brought us across the lake to the Isola Pescatori, a tourist infested gem, good to buy a magnet, have bit to bite, or a bite to bit, and leave the island after 2hrs for Isola Bella. This island, although entirely built & constructed by the Borromeans, looked even as tourist infested as the previous one. Not to mention that we are tourists too!!!!

Took a few pictures

drunk a cappucino and left the island back to the mainland.

A stopover in Verbania for the dinner, with ice cream and 1/2Hr later we were back at Villa Angelina.

Have wine, a glimse out of the window, no, the water is still in the lake....write a report and I will think about what to do tomorrow, or I just don't think at all, good night

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