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Boot maker

Boots in all sizes, materials, shapes, and colors

Boot town street

Guacamole lunch and free ranged chicken

So I woke up this morning and the blisters seem to be smaller and drying up after 2 days of oral antibiotics. The dermatologist said it would be 5 days before I would be better, so this is Day 3 and it looks like the antibiotics are kicking in. I do not have a fever. After debating the situation with the Insurance representative and Mike, I decided to not go to the hospital in Antigua, but I am getting the name of one in San Pedro if my skin does not continue to improve. There are shuttles from San Pedro to Guatemala City that run daily if I need to evacuate. So.... I'm continuing on my trip.

Instead of returning to the hospital I will go with my original plan to attend the Potters Field / Calvary church. I also will be able to visit with my friends and hand deliver my gifts to Brooke and Karol. From there Amanda and Mike will pick me up and drive over to San Pedro la Laguna. It's a 4 hour tour and I'm sure it will be an adventure. I need to remember to not exert myself while I'm on these antibiotics so that they can work to their full capacity and I can be rid of this stuff before we leave San Pedro.


Church was wonderful! I went a bit early so I could visit with Brooke and Karol before the service and give them their gifts. It was like I had never left. The place is like an oasis - the grounds are so beautiful. I went up to my favorite spot to sit and wait for the ladies. Brooke saw me first and we visited for a bit before she had to get back to preparing for the service. Her girls came over and I gave them their flamingo poop candies, which they giggled about. The girls then took me over to the building that they are now using for the children's ministry to find Karol. As I was waiting for Karol, Miriam came over to check on something and when she saw me she came right over for a big hug. We chatted about how things were and how her English was coming. Then Karol came over and it was the same. I was wishing that I could spend more time here to visit and help out with whatever, but I couldn't really touch anyone because of the infection. By this time it was time to go up to church where I saw Luis and Doria and visited with shortly. Then the service which was interesting about the little children coming to Jesus. Luis is such an excellent and interesting teacher. And his interpretation of the eye of a camel was a bit different than Danny's. During the service I saw Jessica and Dora, but did not have any time to actually speak with them as the service didn't end until close to 12:30 and Amanda and Mike were waiting for me. Jessica looked sad and I wished I could have at least given her a hug, but I left before the communion and Brooke walked me out to the parking lot. It was hard to leave.

On the way out we stopped at a town that specialized in boots. All kinds of boots, but mostly cowboy boots. In all kinds of materials - cow, alligator, snake, and whatever else boots can be made from. It was very interesting.

Lunch stop.

We had a harrowing ride to San Pedro. It wasn't bad until we reached the Lake Atitlan area. Twisty turns with big pot holes on a mountain road. Up and down, in and out. And the brakes weren't working well. But we made it. I'm not getting in a car again until we leave on Friday.

Our B&B is on the edge of town. It's not a far walk to our classes but it's a long way to the other side of town. It's a peaceful place when the canons are not booming. Amanda and Mike have the entire upstairs casita with a kitchen and a patio that overlooks the lake. It is really breathtaking. I have a room downstairs that looks out into the garden full of flowers. While they have a kitchen and washer upstairs, I get served breakfast and have laundry service. I'm happy with the setup.

Erin, our hostess, is wonderful and very hospitable. She made sure that we have everything we need and gave us the lay of the land. Where to eat and where not to eat. We chose steak on our first night here. Wonderful 8 oz fillets and we each selected a different 'flavor' from the menu. Mine was a pepper steak cooked perfectly with carrots and potato sides. And of course a glass of vino tinto. Fue excellente!

We checked out a couple places after dinner that had music, but headed back to the B&B early since Amanda and I needed to be at class by 8:00am.

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