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In Seattle public Library running out of time on the free internet, so will complete this later.

Ok you impatient barstewards, I'll tell you about Seattle if you insist.

Firstly, for those who have asked:

ATB - All the Best

UTC - Up the City

and SaF - Safe as..... (all the areas of the 'Port etc.)

I got to Seattle incredibly late, as the train hit, what was first described as an 'object' and later mutated into a 'homeless person' and they had to be hoovered up off the line. Fortunately by the time I discovered this I had already drained the train's entire supply of 'Bud' (the king of beers, apparantly), with the assistance of my new chum Tom, which helped the 5 hours fly by.

The situation, as if not surreal enough already, was further 'wierded up' by the arrival of a Keefer Sutherland (in 24) lookalike, who 'took control of the situation'. He arrived as if by magic and buzzed around the train in a chunky-knit smart but casual jumper, with a badge hanging round his neck, indicating that he was significantly more important than everyone else.

He also took us down into the kitchens of the train and opened the windows after we bugged him for some considerable time about the lack of smoking facilities provided by Amtrak. The clincher though was when he left us and said 'If anyone asks you, just say JC said it would be OK'.....JC? JC we thought? Our Lord and Saviour? Couldn't be, could it? Mind you he did perform the miracle of allowing soemone to smoke on an Amtrak train and get the train moving again when all hope was lost....all very spooky.

My hotel in Seattle, was 'grungy', I tried to film it but that really doesn't convey the stench, only the stains. It was so dirty I had to sleep in my clothes as I thought the bed could not be trusted. I was frankly terrified of discovering new skin diseases from the carpet and pushed a chair in front of the door in case of an axe attack (no not the excellent compilation of the late '70's/early '80's. I really felt that it would have been a great place to commit suicide, had old Kurt been stuck for a venue. Still it was late, I was knackered, I had to sleep.

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