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San Pedro

San Pedro

A guy we met waiting for the ferry

On the ferry

Back in Belize City

Bus Terminal

Our Bus to San Ignacio

Across the Country

San ignacio

San ignacio

We finally got good at hustling rides on golf carts, so we made our way to the ferry terminal with a minimum of walking. We found a nearby restaurant and ordered some breakfast burritos. And I drank a cup of coffee. A real cup of coffee. Actually, I drank two. The first coffee I've had since leaving California. Ugh. I sound like an addict, don't I? The coffee was good and so were the eggs.

We headed back to the ferry terminal. A local befriended us and started chatting us up. He made his living selling carved wood sharks. They were actually really good. I was afraid to ask how much they were. We haven't found the handmade goods on the island to be very cheap. Could probably get something from Pier One cheaper. In any case, the man could talk. Basilio told him he was a politician. He had cool dreads, an infectious laugh, and wasn't slow to tell you his opinion about anything.

Back in Belize City, nothing much had changed. We walked to the bus station and found a bus was leaving for San Ignacio within a few minutes. I thought we were getting on an express bus. They are more expensive, but oly make one or two stops. Our bus driver was the kind of soul that didn't mind stopping at anyone's front door to save them a step or two. I actually thought it was fun. Bus is how Belize travels...whether there is a seat left on the bus or not. A few Europeans were on the bus with us and a really strange family from Sacramento. Dad had dreads. Mom had dreads. 5 kids ranged from about 14 to about 3. Very odd.

The bus had no a/c, but it was cool enough. We bumped along the streets, and the seats were a little too small and not very comfortable. But, somehow it just felt like a typical Belizian experience. We'll see how I feel after the bus trip to Placentia. It will be about twice that far.

We arrrived in San Ignacio about 3:00. We checked into the hotel...actually, the nicest place we have stayed. I dont suppose that's really saying too much as we are finding the cheapest places we can. We were both hungry so we found a place that served a staple of Belize--rice, beans, and chicken. Actually, very good.

We relaxing now. Big day tomorrow. We cross into Guatemala and make our way by hook or crook to the ancient Mayan City of Tikal.

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