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Lincoln's Home

Lincoln's Desk in home

Lincoln's Bed

Cook Stove


Train Station

Candy and some Friends

White House


Korean War National Museum

Today started out just wonderful, the sun was shining, soft breeze and not a cloud in the sky, what more can a person ask for. We got around with breakfast to fuel us for the day and drove to downtown Springfield Illinois to view the area of Abraham Lincoln.

Our first stop of the day was to tour Abraham Lincoln’s home he lived in with Mary Todd and raised his family until he moved to the White House as President. The National Park service has taken a 4 block area around the house and turned it into the Lincoln Home National Historic Site. They have all the homes now refurbished back into the time era with the sidewalk now are thick boards the same at then. Touring the house to see so many of the items that have survived over the years, and still look very good. It was a modest home, but very nice for that time. It was a very interesting tour and I would recommend anyone that comes to Springfield to take this tour.

We walked down to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum, it was only 6 blocks. It was fine for me but Candy had to do the walking which she held up great. The museum is another of the must see stops in Springfield, with the replica of the White House as you will see in the pictures. There are two shows you must see, the first one was on a screen but when it starts you would swear the man on stage talking is a real person, he is not. It is all part of the on screen show, it took a bit to realize that he was not real. The second show did have a real person in it but at the end he just faded away. Somehow he got out of the scene and a hologram took over, it is hard to describe how it happened but it was amazing. We took a tour of the old train station which was set up with only props that were used in the movie Lincoln, I wasn’t impressed, nice bathroom anyway.

We left there to find somewhere to have lunch, which one of the volunteers’ recommended that we try the “Feed Store”, not sure if they knew we wanted to feed ourselves and not the horses. We found it, it was a sandwich shop, but very busy and very good food. After eating we started walking down the street and came across the Korean War National Museum. Not sure if the is the recognized national museum or not but they claim they are. Candy was very impressed with the artifacts they have here. Lots of guns, pictures from veterans, maps, and others items. We spend a good hour walking around viewing the exhibits.

It was getting around 3 pm and time to head back to the motorhome. I was a little surprised with Springfield being the State Capital and the lack of people downtown. I sure was not a busy place except for the tourist visiting the Lincoln sites.

Got back and the ground under the motorhome was all wet, I thought now what. Come to find out the white water supply hose got a pin hole in it somehow. That was easy, just changed out the hose and will need to pick up a new one at Walmart. After that we talked with the new neighbors that had pulled in just as we got back. That is what is nice about this life, neighbors change and if we don’t like the neighbors we leave.

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