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True sleepy dusty old Texas town!!

Oh let's stop this looks okay, right?!

Who has seen 'Vacancy'?.

Cinder block walls?? Must be a new modern designer!

Well, patio not too bad

Only place in town that serves a cocktail!

Motel door won't lock!

We are oughtta here! After this drive thru ;-)

So we stopped for a rest here in Ft. Stockton, Texas on the way to New Mexico. This city is about 330 miles northwest of San Antonio. We stayed in a crazy dive of a motel but the owner was very nice. We felt like we were in the 'Vacancy' movie!! We realized the door wouldn't lock and I recalled a time, many years ago, when I lived in a tiny house off Tecumseh Rd in Tulsa and my door lock was broke. Each night i would push the couch in front of the door. That said, we pushed our cooler and food box in front of the door and settled in. About an hour later, someone starts to come in our room and is pushing the door open and moving the cooler back. The door was now open about a foot and we yelled 'we are in here!!' They left without incident ;-)) we are ready to leave here and continue to New Mexico!!!

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