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The palace

The palace

Toad Hall

We spent 2 days at Disneyland and Disneyland California Adventure.

Day 1 we headed off about 9am and had breakfast at ihop (International House of Pancakes) if you didn't want pancakes there were other options (which came with a side of pancakes). Food is so reasonably priced. Molly had 4 plate sized choc chip pancakes for $7. I had bacon, 2 poached eggs and a hash brown with a side of tiramisu pancakes for $6. Pancakes were amazing. I have never had a hash brown before in my life as they don't look very appetising, this one was lovely, it was a grated potato and lightly fried.

We started in Disneyland California, the girls disappeared to hit the rides and Brett and I wandered to see the sights. The Cars section was new and it was fabulous, it was my and Lil's favourite. Flos v8 diner was great. We saw Lightning McQueen and Mater and the grand canyon (cars style). There was also a mad hatter section and a bugs life. We had pictures with Mike from Monsters inc and saw Sully also.

We headed back to the hotel mid afternoon for a dip and several cocktails by the pool (Karen you would be proud). The kids were excited as the drink guy was named Chris and they told Brett I finally had my own Chris, he is a younger version of Brett's Chris (sorry Chris!!!).

We didn't have lunch that day as we were still full of ihop.

When it cooled off we headed back to Disneyland. I had a turkey leg for dinner, kids had churros and Brett had a hotdog. My leg must have come off a 70 pound turkey, there was no way I could get through it. We stayed to watch the famous world of colour water show, it was amazing. We also saw the fireworks over the other Disneyland.

The next morning we had brekky at Cocos across the road from the hotel. I had an egg white and mushroom omelette, Molly had cinnamon scrolls with syrup doused in icing sugar and other assortments of fructose, lil was having a light breakfast, a croissant which came full of bacon and eggs and on a hash brown, Brett had eggs benedict, which was great apparently. All that and drinks for $45.

Day 2 I had a mission to see Mickey Mouse and the parade. My wish was granted when we entered the park, there was Mickey, Pluto and Donald. We had a ride on the storybook boat and saw the 3 little pigs house, the wolf's house, Toad Hall, Gepettos house, aladdins cave, Cinderella's palace. It was great. We lined up to ride the monorail but one of the trains was having a heat crisis and people were stuck in it so we decided against that. The girls had a ride on the giant bobsled ride while Brett and I went to New Orleans, this section was huge and really busy, we climbed Tarzan's treehouse on the way, saw Indiana Jones' temple and Ali Babars bazaar. Lil and I returned here later and went through the haunted house, it wasn't all that scary but was amazing. We went to Mickey Mouse's house before Brett and Molly piked out early. I met the chipmunks. Lil and I stayed for the parade, it was well worth it.

It doesn't get dark till 8.30 - 9pm so again Molly and I headed to the pool and I enjoyed an OC Cosmo from Chris.

The day ended with a meal at Outback Steakhouse. We didn't realise that it was Australian themed until we got in there. It was fully of Aussie decor, stuffed koalas, didgeridoos and kangaroo ahead signs! The Aussietizers included Bloomin Onion, Alice Springs chicken quesadilla, grilled shrimp on the barbie and QLD salad. It was the best steak I have had for a long time. We declined Sydney's sinful Sundae and chocolate thunder from down under and headed to the frozen yoghurt shop across the road. Us 3 girls had a yummy yoghurt cup, including peanut butter flavoured yoghurt and death by chocolate...$11 for 3 cups, again so cheap.

We are waiting now for Brett to pick up the hire car so we can head to Venice Beach and then Vegas. Predictions are 46 degrees at 3pm today. The weather is all over the news, ways to stay cool and keep Pets and the elderly safe. Mum, there has been nothing on the news about Australia, let alone Julia and Kevin. Everyone is far too worried about the heat wave. We are driving across the desert today so I guess we will understand when we get out.

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