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Statue of America's Little Ambassador

View of Great Pond from Belgrade Lakes Golf Course

Fairway and Greens at Belgrade Lakes Golf Course

Terry & Doug at Belgrade Lakes Golf Course

It rained all last night and this morning. We are getting the storm Andrea. While we waited for the rest of the caravan group to arrive, Doug and I went to the Downtown Cafe' on Main Street in Augusta for breakfast. I have an app on my phone called Roadside America that lists unusual things to see in the area. After breakfast, we found the statue of America's Little Ambassador. In 1982, ten year old Samantha Smith wrote to the Soviet Union urging peace. She became an instant role model, then a celebrity, and then died in a plane crash three years later. The statue shows Samantha releasing a dove while a living Russian Teddy bear sits at her feet.

When we arrived back at the parking lot, all of our caravan group had arrived. Our Wagon Master, Rod Coe lead our group in cars to the Belgrade Lake Region and he gave us a narration of the area that inspired the movie "On Golden Pond". All the lakes are called "Ponds" in the state of Maine. We stopped at this little Country Store on Long Pond and walked past one the dams that controls the water levels of the lakes. Then we walked down to the shoreline. There are cottages on the lake but most of them are set back in wooded areas. We then went to the Belgrade Lakes Golf Club that was built by the man who owned Dexter Shoes. This golf club looks over Great Pond which is the largest pond in the Belgrade Lake Region. It is a beautiful golf course that costs $100 to play 18 holes. Next we crossed over Castle Island which is a tiny island that has maybe ten family cottages passed down through the generations. There is a small restaurant there on the island that will only serve the people that are staying on the island. There is one small narrow bridge that takes you on to the island and then back off. Lastly we drove over to the Blueberry Hill Scenic Area. The Maine blueberries grow wild on this hill and it overlooks Long Pond.

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