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Church of the pilgrims

Last stop for immigrants before sailing to America

Look out Sue!

Windmill site

Sue in a shoe

Rotterdam is the second largest city in The Netherlands. Most of it was destroyed in the war so it doesn't have as many old sections as Amsterdam. Rotterdam is very new with modern architecture such as cube houses and office structures sitting up high on metal beams. The streets are dotted with metal sculptures and other street art some of which is very controversial such as the Santa Claus statue. (Google it if you want to know more! )

Two items of particular interest to American history that did survive the war are the Hotel New York and the Oude Kirk (old church) on Voorhaven. The Hotel New York is a grand old hotel on the harbor where immigrants leaving for America in the late 1800's and early 1900's spent their last night before boarding ship for the long journey to the new land. The Oude Kirk on Voorhaven is where the Pilgrims prayed on the night before they set sail for America. The pilgrims left England around 1609 for the Netherlands where they lived for 11 years. Then in 1620 they left what is now the Rotterdam harbor on the ship named the Speedwell. The Speedwell was leaking but they made it back to England where they boarded the Mayflower. If you are in the 5th grade you would know this history, but if you're like me you probably forgot most of it.

Outside of Rotterdam is Kinderdijk, a Unesco World Heritage site that has 19 windmills located on canals. We wandered through here for several hours. Great place for windmills -- it was windy.

We had our first parking lot challenge with our motorhome. We got stuck in a tiny parking lot in which we couldn't get out. After many unsuccessful tries to turn around we had to back out the whole length of the parking lot. Richard drove while the lot attendant and I shouted instructions. Pretty funny now, but was stressful then.

Ended the day cycling through the old town center of Dordrecht. Almost everything is closed on Sunday so it was a good time to pedal on the cobblestone roads that are usually packed with people.

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