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Today was parade day for the flexible owners. A total of twenty nine buses and two Flxible funeral cars participated in this years parade. Thanks to the good people at Your Digital Partners Lauren was able to get a roof top view of the event. After the parade we got the bus ready for the open house. Anyone who stopped by the bus got the grand tour from Ranee. Highlights of the tour included an explanation of sleeping arrangements, grandma's pill drawer, and her favorite part of the bus: the TV. Too many to count squeezed through our tiny hall way to see the handy work. We met many people who were former Flxible employees, including a line worker, a woman who cleaned finished buses, and a field mechanic who gave us a vintage Flxible salesman's tie. Today was really Ranee's day to shine. Everyone loved her antics during the open house, and at dinner they showered her with gifts and let her pull the tickets for the raffle.

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