Calhoun Trip to Oshkosh By Gosh August 2011 travel blog


Cindy, Ed, & Gin

Really beautiful horse - unusual colors

Gin or Cindy???

Bonners Christmas Store

We got to Franenmuth about 4 PM and I decided to go swimming in an indoor pool. Did not make it. 2 nasty storms came ripping through the area, with lightening, thunder and what a downpour - for about 2 minutes each. But just enough to make Cindy & Gin take unbrellas into town, did not need them or use them because it turned out to be a beautiful sunny, warm afternoon. The town of Franenmuth had buses pick up people at the campground so we rode into town for free. Soon after arriving, I told Cindy we could have saved a lot of money last year by coming to Franenmuth rather than take the Switzerland, Germany, France tour. (The tour last year was worth every penny) Franenmuth is a real deal and a nice place. Good restaurants, German Umpfa music and costume themes and plenty of penny machines for Cindy. We found a German style bakery, load up and went back to the campground. Not so fast, on the way back the bus went by Bonners Christmas Store - Gin & Cindy bailed out and Ed continued on to the campground alone. No fire ring, so no marshmellows tonight

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