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Here is what is left of the millthat used the falls. It...

A power plant was built years later. It too was abandoned and...

When the mill caught fire they knoced down everything but the 1st...

It is used today for shakespeare plays.


The water came thru pipes to run the mill equipment.


When the power plant was built it used the same pipes

The blades in this building turned by he water running the equipment

This is the closest overlook

When we got closer there was too much spray for the camera

Observation tower in distance. The overlook is very close to the falls-we...

Dueling wedding pictures this am.

Can you imagine what conditoin the train is in after being dragged...

Today was cloudy with the threat of 2 rain systems coming thru. So we decided not to go to Palasades State Park (it's almost $10 and going in the rain didn't make sense).

We went back down to the falls and took more pictures. Yesterday there was a weddng party taking pictures. Today there were 2 more taking pictures. It must be the thing to do when you get married in Sioux Falls.

Something interesting about this area-lots of "casinos". The "casinos" are all restaurants or bars with a casino included. They aren't big buildings so we figure everyone puts in slots and maybe a couple of table games and call it a casino. They are everywhere. The truck stops have "casinos".

We watched the Nascar race in the afternoon-or at least some of it.

Tomorrow we drive to the Badlands. All the bad weather is moving thru tonight and tomorrow is suppose to be georgous. We want to do the astronomy presentation tomorrow night so that is wonderful. There are virtually no lights in the badlands and the milky way is suppose to be spectacular. I'll trade the Palasades for the milky way anytime.

We don't know what the wifi will be like-hopefully we will be posting soon but if not-bad wifi is why. We will be moving to Rapid City on Wed.

Bye for now

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