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Abbey Road Studio

Steve as John Lennon

Abbey Road

Goodge Street

View of Goodge Street

British Museum

Part of the Egypian Exhibit

Drury Lane

Royal Theatre

Our last day in London has been lots of rain and blowing wind but still quite humid.

The three of us caught a double-decker just outside our hotel this morning but to our great disappointment neither Stan nor Jack was aboard, not a "clippie" to be found, and no sign of the Inspector Blakie. After a sight-filled trip through London, 40 minutes later we were delivered precisely in front of Abbey Road Studios. And like the so very many others there we too did our Beatles walk on that famous crosswalk. This is the one place in London where motorists actually stop to allow pedestrians to cross the road, to pose in the middle of the crosswalk for that special photo or to march in stride in a variation of interpretations. Standing aside to watch the others is entertainment in itself, particularly the Germans who just can't help but to goosestep across Abbey Road.

We walked up a couple of blocks to a Beatles souvenir store and of course I bought several items. Another bus trip that let us off precisely in front of our hotel. I have to admit, the bus system sure works here. They go where you need them to go, there are lots of them and so many routes and they are so frequent. I found them better than the Underground. We lunched at a nearby Mediterranean bistro and then being midafternoon was back to the hotel. Joan & I walked up to Tottenham Court because I just had to visit Goodge Street which I believe to be the one made famous in Donovan's 1966 song Sunny Goodge Street about the "violent hash smoker who shook a chocolate machine". Anyway it was nothing spectacular and it was not sunny. Just had to go there. From there we wandered down in pouring rain to the absolutely spectacular British Museum. And admission by donation if one so choses which is quite something in itself. Though we only spent a little while there, it being very crowded and incredibly humid inside the artificates that the British Empire looted from the world are truly spectacular. The Egyptian and Grecian exhibits, some thousands of years old are absolutely stunning.

Actually it is a fine thing that the British did salvage these things, most probably would have been lost to the mists and elements of time and climate. Now that the British have so dutifully cared for them, I wonder when the countries they came from will be demanding them back. Free of charge of course. Back down to our hotel, a nap then out for dinner at the same pub restaurant as last evening. Joan had a curious dish that I

give full credit for her sense of adventure. Listed in the menu as The Faggots it was 3 spiced meatballs in gravy. I digress! I passed on The Spotted Dick. I had a fantastic Cream Stout and a bowl of pea soup which hit the spot. Then a short stroll for ice cream cones at The Ice Creamists. The best ice cream we have ever had by far. The pistachio I had was to die for. So now this ends our London stay, we are off tomorrow to Glousester.

We pick up our car at Heathrow and I will quickly have to learn to drive English style.

Aggressively, without regard to pedestrians or other motorists, and of course on the wrong side of the street. I am quite anxious about this but I am confident I shall quickly master the above mentioned particulars. So till tomorrow, this is the 3 of us and London saying goodnight.

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