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Well it was another week of more of the same,except by the end of this week I was ready for the weekend.I had planned a trip to Antigua and to try and not go out of they way I did last time.This time I had done a little pre planning and knew where I would need to get off to catch my next bus.

I had stayed in the night before so I could head out early and try to get to Antigua before it started raining.It's the rainy season here and the rains come in daily around 1 or 2 o'clock.I had to catch my first little bus to the terminal where I would catch a chicken bus at about 8.It's about a 20 minute ride and cost's about 15 cents (US).I get close to the terminal,but I have to cut through this huge outside market to get to the bus terminal.There are people selling just about anything you may need.After I made my way through the maze of people I came to where the buses line up to shuttle people off to their different destinations.I found a bus to Guatemala City but this time I knew where I would need to switch buses.For whatever reason preachers use these buses as their podiums.My last trip one sat right next to me and spread his word for about a half hour before he finally got off the bus.This trip was no different,once again a man preaching right next to me.The only difference was when he was done he sat down next to me and wanted to chat.I made a little chit chat with him and thank God he got off at the next stop.I had to catch my next bus in a town called Chimeltenango about 2 hours from Xela.I got off and headed to the corner to catch my next bus to Antigua.There's really no schedule for the buses,but it really doesn't matter cause they run so often.I waited about 5 minutes and caught my next bus to Antigua which is about an hours ride.All together it cost me about 5 US Dollars to get to Antigua.Now your not exactly riding in style but it's a pretty cool experience.

I got to Antigua and had to make my way through another market to get into town.I had put a list together of some places to stay and their addresses so I wasn't wondering around in circles like I did last trip.I checked into my place for the night,ditched my napsack,grab my umbrella and camera and headed out to do a little sightseeing.Antigua is a nice little town with a lot of cool buildings.I managed to get a few pics in before I needed to take shelter from the rain. So I made my way to a place called Monoloco which my Spanish teacher said had good chicken wings.I meet a few people from the States and after a few drinks and some wings we headed off to another bar.The next place was small but really cool.There I meet a guy from DC and a woman from Spain.I also ran into a guy from my Spanish school and who lives in California.The night went by quickly and it was time for me to stumble back to my room.It was a little harder to find my way home because of the dark and the streets lack proper identification.I made it back safe and sound and crashed for the rest of the night.I was up kinda early and decided to get some breakfast at a bagel store I had scouted out the day before.It's been over a month since I had a bagel so this one was yummy.After breakfast I walked around a little bit and decided I'd head back to my room to check out and catch a bus back to Xela.The bus I caught back to Chimaltenango was so full that they wouldn't pick up any more passengers,something I havn't seen yet.It wasn't a bad ride cause I had some old lady next to me and a woman to her right.Much better than 2 old smelly dudes.My next bus back to Xela was a greyhound style bus so it was a much better ride.After about a 2 hour ride and multiple stops I was back at the bus terminal.I made my way back through the mob of people to catch a small bus into Xela.

When I got back to town they had another festival of some sort.This time I found out that the first Sunday of every month is a good time to have a party.Gotta love these Guatemalans.After a few hours I find myself writing my blog were I'm gonna leave you for the evening so goodnight!

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