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LOng time no speak!? sorry guys, vietnam was a nightmare for social internet sites, in the fact that the government banned 'em!!? chinese bloody influences, however i'm back, in almost 1 piece but uploading pictures here seems to be somewhat of a labrinth mission!!? no idea why but it is!? so i'll put on what i can!!

all this occurred, about mid may! after i visited Angor Wat, i met up with the english lads i met and we went to the floating village!? this was amazing,it didnt smell too good or look too clean but it was amazing to see an actually community build on water!? there were, churches, various shops, houses (some with gardens), community halls and a school/orphanage!? we (5 of us), went to the local shop and bought some pencils n exercise books n visited the school to give the goodies out to the class of 60+ kids! this was an amazing experience and we all got to go around high fiving the kids n gettin pics with 'em, generally they looked over excited but 1 or 2 had tears in their eyes. well harsh!!?

albeit, the illusion was slightly spoilt when i saw an exercise book that we had given out with workings already in it, repackaged goods a felt!!? balls!? but it was still nice to give a little to 'em anyways!!? here are some pics of the experience......

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