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Volcano burping

Jungle trek

Pacaya grub

Kissing grub

Jasper with John

Almost there!

Lava under foot!

Walking on lava bed

Lava stream

Pacaya local

From the travel centre we took a van on our way to Pacaya. After about 1/2 hour, the van broke down and we had to go all the way back. We all piled in another van, and again about 1/2 hour into the ride, the road was closed, so back we went to the start again! We got in another van and took a different route to Pacaya. About 1 1/2 hours later, we got to the start of the climb. We picked up a local guide named Felix.

The first hour or so of the climb was all through jungle and it was steep in some spots. The second half of the climb was on crumbled up volcanic rock that was really hard to climb and it felt like we were not getting anywhere. It got very steep and near the top. Part way up some dogs started following us, and we called them John and Dave. They really lifted our spirits when we started to get tired.

When we got close to the top the ground was starting to get hot. At the top, we walked across a bed of newly formed volcanic rock that was super hot, and you had to be very careful. We could see some lava in between the cracks in some spots, and smoke and steam too. Then we saw a lava flowing stream about 5 meters across. It was so thick that when I threw a rock at it, it bounced right off. The heat was so intense that it started to melt the bottom of my shoes! My dad went close to the lava and stuck a stick into it, and it burst into flames! The whole experience was hot!

The climb down was a lot easier than the walk up! We ate lunch on the way down, and drove back to Antigua.

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