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David and Helen at Shanghai airport

Up at 5 and ready on time, waiting for the brekky to turn up via room service.

It was ridiculous when you know that people are starving in the world.

Juice, cereal... enough for at least 2 people in each bowl..., 4 slices toast and a toaster. 3 jams. Honey. 2 jugs milk. I had asked for scrambled eggs... they came with bacon, 2 hash browns, mushrooms, baked beans and tomato.!... ohhh- and more toast!

Well we were appalled but he boys got 4 trays full! What abject silliness of the hotel. We didn’t order all that. They ordered their eggs, cereal, toast and bakery not realising it was like a full serve of each thing as if that was the only thing you ordered.

So they got 2 massive jugs of coffee, 2 milks, a basket of Danish etc, 4 toasts and all the stuff I got with my eggs they got as well, and toast under that as well. The 4 of us couldn’t have eaten it all in a day.

Anyway, back to the airport and the usual waiting. We flew Dragon Air. Great uneventful trip. Landed at 12. Shanghai airport was very clean and again the processing was like clockwork. They are absolutely paranoid about H1N1 over here. Lots of Masks, declarations to sign continuously, checkpoints re temperature etc.

Unfortunately not so good with the follow through. No one monitoring the temperature checkpoint and after scaring the hell out of us re declarations of food products etc, they waved us through... actually more like didn’t care if we were there or not. We just walked out. Nobody asked us anything. We didn’t even declare we had nothing to declare!.

We were ready with or declarations too. So that was disappointing... i was going to say... I have an apple, I’m tired and ive gone a bit silly.

Kelvin was going to say... you know when i said I liked that movie... well I lied... Yes, you can tell we are tired.

So into our motel in Shanghai. Unfortunately our aircon doesn’t work, and our room is boiling! – But its beautiful! You just cant have everything!

We are meeting the other Woosters at 5.50, for a meal and a boat ride.


they are ok.... they are just people we don’t know yet.

A funny thing happened though... we decided they were all quite middle aged people... sort of old... ummm... then we realised... yep... thats us, we are them... we are middle aged and sort of old!

Yes folks, they are mostly the same age as us.

We went for a banquet dinner followed by a boat trip showing off the city by night.

Ill put up a pic... my camera isnt v good at night, but you get what you get I suppose. Everyone else has better cameras than me (operator aside)... Mine has no optical zoom. I am getting better at it though even though I think I’m too old to retain how to use the camera when I only use it annually. Takes me ages to remember what I’m doing....

The sights from the boat were absolutely breathtaking.

It seriously frapped all over the light show in Hongkong.

Helen and I got back to a very hot room, hopped into a very hard bed and were very grateful. Zzzzzz.

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