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Mercado de Barcelona, where we get fresh fruit and juice every morning

View from our Balcony

Barcelona Harbor



Us on the Beach

Las Ramblas at night

The Art Institute of Barcelona

New and Old Barcelona together

Monumento de Colon at night

Roma Bar

Roma Bar 2

Lonely Beers

Sober Fer

Not so Sober Fer n mE

Smuggling Beer


3am Munchies

Look ahead... you can see our Orange Towels from our Balcony

Ok so we knew the temperature would be hot, but who knew Barcelona would be so HUMID, DAYUM!!! We packed for two weeks with the thought of wearing everything (chonis and socks excluded) twice, but just walking down the street we´re drenched. Looks like we´ll be doing laundry more often.

Oh yeah, the reference to the 12 hours of sleep from yesterday was because of the Jetlag. I think today we´re good. But yeah we went to bed at 7pm and got up at 7am the other night to try and adjust.

Yesterday we headed to the beach and fried for a little, I bought caro a massage from Mrs. Kim (asian lady who gave it to her) but caro didnt care for it much so i decided not to get one of my own. Besides, while she was getting it, i looked at Kim´s hands and they were NASTY!!!! I wasn´t about to let her put them on my pecks....

Another thing, i´m pretty open minded but seeing all the bare breast on the beach made me feel a bit odd. But being the CHI CHI conniseur that I am, I appreciated it =) We should have more of this at home.

We were worn out from the sun by the time we got back so we took a nap before headding out to dinner at 9:00pm, VERY early by Spanish time.

Dinner was good, Caro tried her first Paella and we ALMOST left without paying but only cause the waiter was RUDE. We didnt, but won´t be going back there for sure.

After Dinner we went looking for a place to have a drink and went to a place called ROMA. Roma is an underground bar/club litteraly 20 feet from our Hostel =) We had some drink coupons and trust me we used them but when the happy hour ended we decided to find a way to continue and drink for cheap. Caro suggested that I go out and buy canned beer from the street vendors and smugle them back in my cargo shorts while she waited and held on to our beer glasses. SO I DID =) See pics for proof. We danced, drank and drank a little more. By the way Europeans LOVE the GREASE soundtrack, the DJ played a couple songs and the whole place was singing, kind of sick actually. This is when we decided to leave and went to a different bar to close out the evening.

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