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Mike and Gary and Dave watching Alec in a Wave at the...

Getting ready for a white water trip on the Snake

The youngest Emmons,Stephan/Brooks

The Emmons at the Teton Overlook at Targhee ski area

Barbara and Dick Emmons-50 years of family

Issac and Hanna/Stephan +Brooks older ones

A Moose on the Teton River, Yikes

Another Momma moose crossing the Teton with twins

What a beautiful float-with four inflatable Kayaks and 3 canoes

Barb and Dicks front yard-yes that is an authentic Typee

Birthday cake for Barbara

Dick giving a poem about his life with Barbara

A group hike to the Wind caves up Darby Canyon

Chris Emmons with cave in background

Ron and Amy with Cave-Ron is quite the hiker

Ruthana and most of her kids

Franny brought Mike to meet the family

The cave entry

Dick,Wayne,and Mike at the campfire singing

Toki and her kids Jaden and Mari

Sisters Kathy, Karla and Barbar lunch on the Snake

The scenic Snake river, in our yellow Banana boat

A male Moose with a full rack

Karla and I took two days to drive to Driggs, Idaho. The last and final event on our schedule this summer. Karla's older sister Barbara and Dick Emmons will celebrating there Fiftieth Wedding anniversary at their Teton Valley home. It will be a two week event with the major celebration on Saturday July 18th.

On the way we did get to see Mike Voorhees and his three sons on the Payette river, practicing kayaking at a man made rapid called the Gutter. Mike is full time coaching and promoting his son Alec in freestyle Kayaking events. Alec is 12 and can do amaizing trick in waves. We spent three hours watching his sons play. Hayden is 9 and can surf waves like a champ. Conner is 6 now and is just learning how to do a wet exit from an upside down Kayak. We got some great movies and pictures to show the family because Mike and family wasn't able to attend the event in Driggs because of some kayak sponsors obligations.

We arrived late in Driggs, after driving across the Idaho plains. Immediately Karla's nieces and their kids set up a White water trip down the Grand Canyon of the Snake, just outside Jackson, Wyoming. Family had started to show up and already group outings were being considered. From July 15 through July 24 we did two white water trips on the Snake, Five scenic canoe trips on the Teton river, One scenic river trip on the Snake through Teton National Park, a hike to the Ice caves up Darby Canyon, A short hike up Teton Canyon, a ride up the Dream catcher lift at Grand Targhee ski hill. Quite frankly I was beat. The kids loved it and the moms planned easy big meals each day. On some of the days the grand parents took care of the younger grand kids.

All of Karla's sisters and Brothers in law, and sister in law were there with all of their kids and grand kids. Dick Emmons two sisters and their husbands also made it. Altogether there was over 50 people either camped or hoteling it nearby.

The main celebration and dinner Saturday the 18th of july was wonderful. We ate and sat around a campfire, and made some-moores,and enjoyed Dick singing with Wayne and Franny playing guitars. A special feature was a harmonica player Mike, a friend of Franny's from Florida. Karlina's daughter Alicia sang Danny Boy,it was just beautiful. After all the family left for all parts of the US,we reflected on what a wonderful time was had by all. The only disappointment was that Barb and Dicks eldest daughter, Anna, and Nathan and their girls had to leave before the Saturday celebration because of the Death of Nathan's dad, in Ohio... We sure missed them.

Barb and Dick had 7 kids and a gazillion grand kids. It was an impressive event.

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